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Last week I was one of the speakers at the ESOMAR ‘Developing talent’ – event in the EMLyon business school. The objective of the event was to show the value of market research, and the attractiveness of the job to high potentials.

Together with interesting speakers from GfK , Added Value, BrainJuicer and 1 6 DamToys US Naval Mountain Warfare Special Forces 78051 Action Figure DAM Toy we shared client cases and personal experiences in a Q&A formula. A very valuable format of ESOMAR to connect youngsters to our industry.

Some people tend to be skeptical towards our jobs because in their perception it’s just not aspirational enough. 1 6 DRAGON BRITISH ARMORED BRIGADE OFFICER WINTER HI-POWER & STEN WW2 BBI DID 21I must admit it was hard to turn around the prejudice of market researchers as a bunch of boring data crunchers, but for sure we triggered some interest!

Based on my experiences, these are 5 arguments that helped me to inspire these young guys:

  1. Truly understand consumer behavior: The day-to-day contact with consumer’s opinions on various subjects enables you to really understand how and why people make certain choices. 1 6 DRAGON CYBER-HOBBY COL HART BRUCE WILLIS HART'S WAR POW WW2 BBI DID 21stBeing able to think in terms of consumer needs and expectations is an asset that will set you apart from others who have no understanding of consumer behavior.
  2. Learn from top level companies: The fact that you have the ability to work with some of the largest global companies is just massively valuable for your personal development. Getting to know the people and processes in these companies, their way of thinking and decision making flow, their company culture… is an experience that will be of value for the rest of your future career.
  3. Develop strong consulting skills: A large part of market research is inspiring your clients based on the results of your study. Giving presentations and bringing the voice of the customer into the board room sharpens your personal consulting skills.1 6 DRAGON GERMAN 12TH SS DIV GRENADIER NORMANDY MP-44 CAMOUFLAGE WW2 BBI DID You become a much more confident speaker and debater, a person that is able to inspire an audience with engaging speeches.These first three points already indicate that a job in market research can be at least equally inspiring as a job in a pure consulting or advertising for example. But there is even more…
  4. Benefit from cross sector and cross country market insights: On a daily basis you are working on B2B and B2C projects, going from FMCG & retail, to travel, health care, media, technology… Different sectors and markets with different consumers and customers. Many of these projects will be cross-country. Getting insights in all these different markets fuels your overall knowledge and turns you into a true cosmopolitan.
  5. Leverage the latest social and technological trends: Just like in many industries, market research is evolving by the speed of light because of the changing technological and social environment. As a youngster you can bring lots of new ideas to the table, based on these ultra-fast moving evolutions.1 6 DRAGON GERMAN 2ND SS DIV FIELD MEDIC P-38 FULL GEAR+OAK STAND BBI DID WW2 You get a lot of room to bring your ideas alive and develop them further via the profound knowledge of experienced professionals. Consider it living the life of an entrepreneur with all the necessary tools available to tap into new opportunities.

As you’ve probably noticed, working in market research goes way beyond statistics and numbers. So the existing market research stereotypes, being it just boring statistical nerds or data crunching geeks don’t match with reality.

All of my colleagues are really cool and ambitious people who above all want to inspire companies and brands with an ongoing drive and passion. Nothing boring about that! On the contrary: we feel like changing the world in a way. 1 6 DRAGON GERMAN 6TH ARMY NCO STALINGRAD 1942 MP-40,P-38,FULL GEAR WW2 DID BBIMaybe you can add many more arguments, help me in building this story so that we can make market research a sexy experience, also for these young and very eager starters!

Get connected via Twitter1 6 Dark Nights The Batman Who Laughs Laughing Bat Joker 12 Hot figure toy❶USA❶to discuss or share your opinion in the comments below. Talk soon!

Märklin 60114 Spur 1 für zu 2 MS 2 , Neu OVP bis Digital-Anschlussbox ntgixx295-Digital Control Devices

  1. I just completed a bachelor degree in maths and statistics, I have interest in marketing research and will really appreciate it if you could guide me. Kind regards

  2. I would like be a researcher for a market reseach company. Any tips or could please explain the responsibilities around that.
    If there is any vacany in your firm then please let me know as a fresher.

Märklin 60114 Spur 1 für zu 2 MS 2 , Neu OVP bis Digital-Anschlussbox ntgixx295-Digital Control Devices

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